The Apartment

Our apartment is really cool and quite big. It's a bit old though and very dirty, we'll have to clean everything. Mostly the kitchen is in quite a bad state, with random food everywhere. But then, I arrived one week before the classes start, so we thought we'd have time to clean everything. Now it's Saturday and we only did half of the kitchen (but the worse half). We'll see!

Last year, two guys from EPFL were living here with two American girls, Emily and Kate. At the end of the year, the Swiss guys wrote us a mail and Yannick and Ludovic from EPFL agreed to take their places. But then, Kate decided to move out, and they were looking for a girl, because the girls were sharing a double room. So I wrote a lot of mails to Emily and we think we'll get along well, so I decided to move in with her.

We live on the second floor, and we haven't met the students on the first floor yet. But the apartments are completely separated, so we probably won't see them a lot. We even have different house numbers, although it's the same house! But there are two doors. Our apartment has a living room, an open kitchen with dining room, two rooms for the guys, a larger room for the two of us, then two bathrooms (yes, we have our own bath!) and a cave with garage and washing machine and a lot of space to put stuff.

We'll still need to buy some furniture, clean a lot, get some decorations and then I'll show y'all some pictures!

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  1. Ha, I remembered my password!

    Ha, I remembered my password! Do y o u remember the fine housewife-education we gave you? A whole week for half a kitchen and three orderly Swiss people, tss. But of course you wanted Emily to participate in this group activity that will scotch you together. Long live sticky disorder.

    Here, we had probably the last summer day. I rode to the Lake Geneva by bike (Bulle - Col des Mosses - Diablerets - Col de la Croix - Villeneuve), it was marvellous and for the excursion of tomorrow I'll take a wheel chair. Almost 2000m up and 110km of distance was ... well, as I said: marvellous. Go on cleaning the appartment, we are curious about it. We won't look into the closets, promise.

    Submitted by Suzanne

  2. more appreciation please!

    I was spending all my non-existent free time cleaning other people's mess!!! Ludovic isn't even here yet, Yannick likes to play soccer in the evening and Emily just got here today. At least we made a big progress today, her mother came with her and helped us a lot. I am so busy with seeing the other exchange students, getting my schedule straight, studying offers for bank accounts and mobile phones I didn't really even have time to start blogging until now. And you can't imagine how dirty it is... So half the kitchen took me like a day :-(

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh

  3. appartment

    How exciting, thanks for sharing your experiences and have a successful week, Elisa

    Submitted by Elisa

  4. It's so great that you find

    It's so great that you find time to clean up the left-over mess and write in your blog, too. We really appreciate it, and we look forward to see the pictures of the cleaned apartment! :-)

    Submitted by Hans

  5. all alone

    Oh sorry! I thought you were the three of you. I see, in your coloc you have an interesting system of delegating things to do, like soccer, being invisible and cleaning up. Ah là là, la mauvaise langue.... Luckily you have your Dad to be respectful and p.c. Seems, I delegated this to him :-)

    Submitted by Suzanne

  6. cleaning

    It's ok, I somehow managed to stop my mania and just let the rests of dirt be. Even though I sometimes felt like under a cleaning curse, when I wasn't thinking for a moment I found I was cleaning again, without remembering when I started. A bit scary... But well, the program for today is make a cleaning plan with Yannick and Emily and ask her to do the initial thorough cleaning of our bathroom.

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh

  7. cleaning mania

    if only I had it too; would be very beneficial to MY appartment; fortunately April 1, 1911 is not far away and thus a brand new flat will (hopefully) be waiting for me at the Wasserschöpfi.

    Submitted by Elisa

  8. New flat

    1911 - sorry; it is, of course 2011.

    Submitted by Elisa

  9. new sounds so good...

    That must be wonderful coming into a completely new apartment... And whenever I'm going to move from now on, I'll make sure everything is really clean BEFORE I move in!

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh