The Arrival in Pittsburgh

I arrived at 2pm14:00 in Pittsburgh, with a time zone difference of six hours. Once outside the airport, it was really hot, about 30°C and still heating up. Compared to the cold airplane and cool airport it was quite a shock. So I was pretty happy to get on an air-conditioned cab, and 50$ later I was at our apartment!

The drive was really pleasant, I was talking all the time to the nice driver. Her first associations with Switzerland where the Alps, snow, neutrality and then chocolate. Pittsburgh didn't suffer a lot from the crisis, apparently there weren't many houses built with foul credits here.
The airport is outside of the city, behind a hill, so you have to take a tunnel to come to Pittsburgh. The view on the other side is really impressive, Pittsburgh has quite the skyline! And then we traversed the city, and she explained their street system to me. It's actually really cool, the big streets form a more or less rectangular net. The street numbers at the beginning of each block are always multiples of hundred. So our house number, 5147, doesn't mean that there are over five thousand houses, but that we are living in the 51st block and in the 47th house of the block. Furthermore, most bus stops are called by the crossing they're at, like "Fifth Avenue and Wilkins".

Once I left the cab, I understood that it wasn't just hot, but also very very humid, that's why I almost melted when getting out of the airport. But of course our apartment had air-conditioning, so I quickly went inside and changed into clothes better suited for the climate.

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  1. tomorrow....

    ...I'm going to write about the great apartment we have!

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  2. Arrival in Pittsburgh

    sounds great; Elisa

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