Back in Tokyo

I'm back in Tokyo, and it looks like I beat spring to it. It's raining and cold, and I can't see any green and flowers. But it will come soon, I'm sure. The cherry blossoms are forecast for in two weeks! Looking forward to the beauty and the party.

My time in the States was great, the Mountain View campus was very impressive. Lots of different cafes, colored fun Google bikes to get around because it's so big, and lots of green and small streams and ponds. California is great to visit in early spring!

And then, Pittsburgh! The first surprise was that it was actually warmer than in Cali, we were extremely lucky with the weather over the Steel City Blues weekend. It was a Blues dancing weekend with classes during the day, evening and late-night dances. I have to admit I'm a bit out of shape, so I did get some sleep and didn't stay for all of the goodness. It was great to see all my friends! And I miss Blues again now. There's no Blues in Tokyo, but there seems to be Lindy Hop, so I'll go check that out soon.

But now I'm off to the Roppongi Art Night, bye bye!

Pictures from the Sakura House Origami workshop and the Sushi workshop.

3 responses to “Back in Tokyo”

  1. Kirschblüte

    ist ein wahres Wunder, da geraten sogar Naturmuffel wie Elisa ins Schwärmen. How are you getting on with your Japanese classes? Elisa

    Submitted by Elisa

  2. Re: Kirschblüte

    The Japanese class is fun, luckily I already knew the things they covered while I was away, so it was easy to catch up. We'll be talking about informal Japanese soon, which will be more useful for daily conversation.

    Submitted by Vera

  3. So much the batter, I'm glad

    So much the batter, I'm glad for you. Next sunday, I'll be off for the North of Spain and South of France, back to Zurich on April 21. Love Elisa

    Submitted by Elisa