The Flight

To make it short: it was cancelled. When we arrived at Zurich airport, we saw that the plane to New York wasn't going to fly, apparently they had some technical problems. So we waited for 5 hours to be rebooked, fortunately my dear family and boyfriend were there to keep me company and provide moral support. We spent the time reading and playing Jass.
Once at the counter, it was very quick: instead of flying on Thursday (Zurich -> New York -> Pittsburgh), I'd take a plane to Paris and from there directly to Pittsburgh on Friday morning. I got a free stay at the Hilton Airport Hotel, in a really nice room. And what was best: another night and day with my boyfriend! We even had the time to eat with a friend living in Zurich and see his room for the first time.
The flights were really nice, the nine hours over the Atlantic passed quite quickly with nuts, refreshments, two meals and a good book. I didn't even watch any films, when I started a nice looking documentary about the ocean wildlife I fell asleep almost immediately. I had a window seat and enjoyed looking at the impressive cloud landscape outside.
This itinerary had another advantage: because the first airport in the States was my final destination, I didn't have to check my baggage out and in again as I'd have had to in New York. The checks weren't even that strict, I probably didn't look very dangerous. At least I didn't have to unpack my suitcase at the customs control. But there was another carry-on baggage check and metal detector like the ones you have to pass to enter the gates.

2 responses to “The Flight”

  1. So you did...

    ... get a window seat after all — looks like you get the better end every time!

    Congratulations on your great start in the new world!

    Submitted by Hans

  2. Re: So you did...

    Yes! For the flight Zurich-Paris they changed my seating, but for Paris-Pittsburgh I was at the window. After all, we got my tickets the evening before, so I really expected to be seated at the window.

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh