Pittsburgh Downtown

On Thursday, we went to Pittsburgh Downtown and took the Duquesne Incline to go to the Hill opposite the City Center, giving us a nice view of the Pittsburgh skyline. We walked along the crest and took the Monogahela Incline back down.

2 responses to “Pittsburgh Downtown”

  1. romantic places

    Huge! Seems Pittsburgh has been built for cars, but there aren't any. What about swimming in the river? After all these environmental efforts this should be possible, although it would be like strolling up a highway. Oh dear, how you must miss the Lake of Geneva, the Aar ... Well, it's different, that's why one gets abroad ;-)

    Submitted by Suzanne

  2. Re: romantic places

    Well, there are cars, but there are also a lot of people walking or on bikes! It's really a nice city! Apparently, they have more trees per surface than any other American city. The cab driver told me that the rivers should be clean enough, she said the city even gets its drinking water from them (filtered and with chlorine and other chemicals, but everyone drinks tap water, with ice it's ok). But apparently nobody swims in the river, so it's not very accessible. But there seems to be a really nice pool close to CMU, I'll have to check it out when it gets too hot again.

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh