Pittsburgh Great Race

Hey everybody! Life has been really busy and I'm sorry I didn't get around to posting earlier. This morning was the Pittsburgh Great Race, and I ran 10km! It was awesome, perfect cool weather, water stops whenever I needed them, and a great atmosphere. This year, there were 14'000 participantsTeilnehmer, so it was really a huge thing. And I'm so proud of myself, I ran all the way, didn't have to walk or stop at all! Well, to be fair, I have to admit that there are more downhill parts than uphill, with a total difference in altitude of 150m. But it's still 10k! I'll post my time as soon as I get the mail.

4 responses to “Pittsburgh Great Race”

  1. This is not fair! Why can you

    This is not fair! Why can you run 10km without any traininig? Did I inject you a good condition with my milk when you were a baby and I running? Anyway: my congratulations!

    Submitted by Suzanne

  2. training...

    I'm surprised too! In pretty good shape after all! And the mind was set on the task, I learned at our bicycle tour that you just have to keep going! But at the same time I went swimming every other day for two weeks now, maybe that counts as training too? A friend is teaching me freestyle and backstroke!

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh

  3. My time!

    I received my time, 1:03:15 is pretty good! :-)

    Submitted by Vera in Pittsburgh

  4. Congratulations

    I'm impressed!

    Submitted by Hans