Some weekend activities

Ten days ago, the whole Roppongi neighborhood was transformed by the Roppongi art night: pictures On Sunday, I went on a walking tour of the Imperial palace: pictures Check out the other shared albums too!

Last weekend, I also went to a monthly Salsa dance event, apparently the biggest in Japan. It was a lot of fun! The level was quite high, but it was beginner friendly too. The dresses were quite interesting in general, and there were performances, some of which were closer to cabaret/burlesque than Salsa. I'll try to take pictures discreetly next time. :) Another show was Colombian/Cali Salsa, a type of Salsa with crazy footwork and lots of aerials. It was very impressive!

3 responses to “Some weekend activities”

  1. Still no Google+...

    Hmm, you're really trying me with your pictures...

    Submitted by Hans

  2. Luckily your Mom is

    Luckily your Mom is open-minded, even technically. I've seen the pictures and admired the blossoming of art installations in Roppongi, while nature seems still asleep.

    Submitted by Suzanne

  3. Pictures

    Where are they? Google is beyond my intellectual capacities. Love, Elisa

    Submitted by Elisa