Spring storm

There was a storm outside this evening, with lots of rain and wind. The Japanese warning system seems to work well, a lot of companies and schools closed early and sent the people home in the afternoon. I also got a warning email from Sakura House. Now, many trains are delayed, some aren't running at all, and all flights are canceled. I'm glad to be at home! And this gives me time for some long due blog posts.

In general, the achievements of the Japanese society are even more impressive considering what an unwelcoming place the Japanese islands are. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, hot and sticky summers, storms in spring and fall and lots of snow in the northern parts. There is precious few flat land, a lot of the settling land has been reclaimed from the sea or from marshlands. This shows the Japanese spirit: if there is a way, even if it's moving mountains to fill up the sea, they will manage to do it.

2 responses to “Spring storm”

  1. Storm

    Apparently this storm was a lot stronger than the usual storms. I will ask my colleagues tomorrow. Was it covered in the news in your country?

    Submitted by Vera

  2. Weather up and down

    Here in Switzerland I haven't heard anything about the storm in Japan, but I haven't been able to follow the news closely this week.

    We had some snow today, the day after tomorrow the temperature is supposed to go up to 21º, only go get stuck again at 9º the day after...

    Submitted by Hans